Before They List™ Q & A

Q. How does the Before They List™ app and program assist me in growing new listing inventory?

A. Before They List™ a product designed for brokers. The solution allows agents to receive feedback from other agents in their office on a property before the listing agreement is signed by the seller. Consumers and their agents would like to crowdsource opinions about the marketability of a home before they decide to list it 1.

Q. How does it work?

A. The mobile/PC app has an interface for the agent to upload a photo and a description of the property along with some seller remarks. The pre-listing gets sent out to the agents in the company like a survey or a poll. This allows the listing agent to share that feedback along with any buyer’s demand towards the seller to assist in their decision to list.

Q. Is this process Clear Cooperation Compliant?

A. Because there is no listing agreement yet, this application is fully compliant with the Clear Cooperation policy.

Q. Are posts made to the app made public or made available to other competing offices?
A. No, all information is exclusive to your office.
Q. Do you provide administrator access to monitor and allow for edits as needed?
A. Yes, Broker admin access is provided to allow for edits of individual agent information and their posts.
Q. How would agents in my office use this technology?

A. An agent in your office may be in conversation with a homeowner who has stated that they are considering listing their home sometime in the future or they have immediate needs but have concerns or questions related to the current market.

The agent with permission includes their home in the inter office app, Before They List.

A notification is sent to all agents within the office. Agents may provide immediate feedback as all contact information (text, email and phone #) are noted on their post. During weekly meetings, a property may be discussed such as current comparable, time on the market, pricing scenarios, current buyer interest.

The posting agent is empowered with datapoints that are laser focused to the property owners’ home and surmised by multiple experienced sources. This information may now be communicated to the property owner and will assist them in making an informed decision.

1 The App responds to a recent  survey:

      • 16.2% would make the move if they knew their current home could sell for asking price or top market price
      • 14.7% would sell if they could get an offer without their home requiring work or updates
      • 8.9% would do so if they could have a quick closing process
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